The Orange COAT – A funny thing happened on the way to the coffee shop

A funny thing happened on the way to the coffee shop.

Heading out the door to have coffee with a potential client whom I hadn’t yet met, I checked my phone and noticed he had texted me.

“I’m wearing a blue shirt” it read.

“I’m wearing an orange coat,” I texted back hastily.

Hurrying down the street I heard the ping of a text message.

I stopped.

“Hahahaha great” it read.

Uh, oh…What had I written?

“I’m wearing an orange B-O-A-T”

Now those of you who know my orange coat can easily testify to the fact, that reconfigured, it could serve a small child in that capacity.

But back to my story…

Arriving minutes later, amused but a bit chagrined at my mistake, I explained to him my slip-of-the-finger from C to B.

I detected a flicker of disappointment on his face and realized he had seen it not as a mistake at all but as a thoroughly playful choice.

Oh, I do love coaching creative people!

So now, in the full spirit of creativity and fun, when we meet I text ahead.

“I’m wearing a pink parrot,” or

“I’m wearing a black Bugatti.”

Hmmm, Bugatti?

Maybe someday…