What I’m Here For

As a shoe designer for many years with an eponymous collection made in Italy, my shoes were described as “little works of art” so many times that it seemed scripted by some unseen hand. I knew that there was something more that people saw in them, some undeniable difference.

As an artist, a painter, moving from the two dimensional world of painting to the three dimensional one of shoe design, I brought an artist’s eye, mind, and heart to my design. A love affair with the gleaming and lustrous leathers of Italy and the artisan hands of production would not be an overstatement. My shoes were never interchangeable trend driven facets of a commercial industry. That was an undeniable difference.

An artist solves problems using creativity. A coach helps people solve their problems in creative and clarifying ways, including guiding them to see that sometimes their problem was no problem at all! We are all creative, and so much more than most of us dare to think. I’ve just claimed and explored creativity as my unique space. I dream, I create, I make things for people to delight in. As a skilled transformative coach I help people see all aspects of their lives with fresh eyes and to understand the nature of their human experience so they can solve the problems they want to solve and live their full creative potential. I use my coaching skills and creativity to do that.

What is undeniably unique about you and what do you want to create in this world? Would you like to understand that at its deepest level and to create what you know you’re here for? That’s what I’m here for.