What Questions Are You Asking Yourself This Year?

Where are you turning your attention in this year? What questions are you asking yourself? What will you notice that will lead you in fresh new directions with new possibilities? The first month of the new year and mid-winter, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, engenders reflection and hopefulness, planting the seeds of future action.

What will you have “eyes” for this year? What will you see you hadn’t seen before? What fresh possibilities and directions will you see? What will you be curious about? What will you create?

The slightest adjustment in your focus can produce remarkable results. You might just discover what’s been hidden in plain sight. Open your aperture, allow more light in. A grey day, like the one on which I’m writing this, can be filled with fine shading, delicate details and unexpected sights, the kind you might not see on a dazzling and brilliant one.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

For my part I’m creating more spaciousness and ease, more space between the notes, more connection and collaboration leading to new paths and some delightful surprises! Struggle and procrastination are clearly in my rear view mirror.

One thing I’m experiencing as I look to the spaciousness in my thinking and away from my control dashboard is that I’m getting out of my way more. The “I” who thinks it knows is giving way to the “eye” that sees what’s available in the moment to create something new, fresh and delightful. With this shift in focus an ease to everything is presenting itself.

As a result, on January 14, I partnered with an amazing woman, writer, musician and friend, Deb Walsh, in a workshop where we asked participants “What’s Your Big Question for 2018?”. Questions are catalysts, sparks, and invitations to be curious and inspired explorers. Posed in quiet reflection they can open one’s mind to the space of infinite possibility, yielding remarkable results.

In the workshop we explored the connection to our innate wisdom, that place where one can “Listen-In” to the guidance available within and generate the powerful guiding questions to propel life forward in meaningful ways.

So, what questions might you ask yourself in this moment, on this day and in this year that would be catalyst, spark or invitation to inspired action on behalf of your deeper desires? How could you shape your life with fresh thinking, guided by the connection to wisdom, unfettered by the past, free in the present moment to create something new?

You see, you are the Thinker, not the thought, the Creator not the content, the Actor not the action, the Musician not the music.

Ask yourself, “What would I like to create today, in this moment, in this situation?” and go do that now with the freedom that’s always available to you!

And stay tuned for our next workshop coming up this Spring 2018 where we’ll be taking a deep dive into living life guided solely by your Inner GPS.