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Knowing What to Do When Circumstances Don’t Change

When have you been stopped in your tracks by an undeniable metaphor of truth you can’t deny? And what could you learn from that metaphor that has the potential to free you from the circumstances that appear to be trapping you, holding you in place?

Linda shares her post Metaphor in a Basket, and Lana and she discuss “insight” as the door to recognizing your innate resilience, and a passage full of fresh thinking that can guide you to freedom, even when circumstances remain the same. And all of this is part of the human design that everyone shares.

Wise Women SpeakAs transformative coaches, Linda Pritcher and Lana Bastianutti, share the wisdom available in the inside out understanding of life and its transformative nature as it illuminates answers to the issues that seem most prevalent and challenging to their clients and women who attend their workshops.

At the Wise Women Speak studio they interview women who are speaking out in the world in refreshing and sometimes unconventional ways. Through conversation Lana and Linda draw out the ways in which each woman has discovered her own guidance system and listened deeply to her authentic voice to create a life fueled by inspiration and action.

In special Wise Women Speak episodes they share their personal and professional insights, along with a bit of laughter, on a range of topics that women frequently find challenging.

Photo by Vishal Banik on Unsplash. Thank you!

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Linda Pritcher

Linda Pritcher, host of the Wise Women Speak Podcast, brings an understanding of the principles behind insight, clarity and high performance into her coaching and consulting work with clients… Read more…

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