Wise Women Speak

The Wisdom in the Invisible World

Linda and Lana speak with Kailia Star about the wisdom, information and intelligence we have access to that we’ve forgotten. Listen in to this fascinating conversation as Kailia shares the way she wakes people up to the power of their inner nature, guided by her understanding of the ancient knowledge available in the “Invisible World,” the world beyond our conscious awareness.

Kailia Star is a lover of all things wild. She is a green witch, an herbalist communicating with the plant world about the healing help that grows all around us.

She is a Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Reiki Master, a Shamanic Practitioner and a Coach teaching principles of innate mental, spiritual and physical health.

She is foremost a mother of two daughters and one son, and grandmother of five grandchildren. She is a life partner with her husband. These relationships are where her deepest and most profound learning has taken place. You can connect with Kailia through her website kailiastar.com

“Invisible World” photo by Erik Kossakowski on Unsplash

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