Wise Women Speak

Episode 20: Living From Inspiration

Linda and Lana speak with Sue Cross about giving yourself permission to pay attention to what lights you up and what you love, and letting that love lead you. Wisdom will inspire you in its gift of the power of the present moment realized, and that in “not knowing” is found the juiciest part of living.

Sue shares with us how that “paying attention” has lead her to become inspired by working with elders and clients with Alzheimer’s, creatively engaging them in life and achieving remarkable results.

Sue CrossSue Cross has a special passion and talent for supporting people suffering from memory loss and works as a Alzheimer’s Life Coach and Legacy Consultant, inspiring them to continue to express themselves creatively.

She’s made it her mission to help others capture their family legacies in creative and personally meaningful ways. She coaches clients as they go through their photos, memorabilia and beloved objects, helping them to separate the trivia from the treasures. Together, they create tangible keepsakes, such as personalized legacy books, life story albums, and audio and video recordings that celebrate life and link the generations.

Sue has a Masters Degree in Social Psychology from Harvard University. She is also a cofounder of Mourning Dove Studio, a natural burial company in Arlington, MA.

She’s an artist and photographer AND she’s deep into writing a book about her work and the profound experience of creatively engaging a client with Alzheimer’s in a long term relationship full of hope and possibility. She can be reached at suecrosseldercare@gmail.com

Sunflower painting by Sue Cross

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