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Episode 22: Introvert or Extrovert. Be an Authentic Digital World Connector.

Can introverts live authentically as extroverts in a busy digital world?

Linda and Lana speak with super connector Susan Finn about speaking out in the world authentically and from the heart. Susan shares with us the digital how-to of giving form to your authentic expression and doing that through digital connection and collaboration.

As an introvert you really can speak from your heart, from your desk and share with the world!

Susan Finn Wise Women Speak podcast photoSusan Finn, the Chief Connector at Susan Finn Online, is a digital marketing strategist and coach.

Susan’s passion for connecting began in 2002 when she founded the Women’s Business Network of Southeastern Massachusetts (WBN). In her 12 years as the director of the WBN, she empowered dozens of women to make connections to the people, platforms, and services that would ultimately help them develop as successful business owners and independent professionals.

Susan describes herself as a loyal partner, a patient teacher, and a fierce advocate for those who are committed to attracting and retaining clients through authenticity, consistency, support, and accountability systems.

Susan’s superpower is that she “de-mystifies” Digital Marketing by offering Personal, Authentic, and Patient Training and Support services.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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