Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 26
Wise Women Speak

Episode 26: Giving voice to the spirits of those who’ve passed

Andrea Kukulka speaks about her metaphysical journey becoming a healing medium, beginning with her childhood dreams vividly coming true. At each step on that journey she gained the clarity she needed to find her voice in healing and in mediumship.

Today she’s found that voice healing clients through Reiki and sharing the messages that those who have gone before have for us. Andrea gives voice to those who’ve passed on and continue to be engaged in the lives of the living.

She shares the wisdom in their messages and teaches students to recognize and connect more deeply to their own intuitive abilities.

Andrea Kukulka photoAndrea Kukulka is a healing medium who has studied metaphysics for nearly 30 years. She holds three different Reiki Master certificates and freely communicates with what she refers to as “the other side.”

She and two partners, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis created a loving space, the Center for Holistic Healing and Art in Mansfield, MA offering classes, guidance, support and direct healing.

Photo of trees courtesy of Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash

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