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Episode 28: Giving voice to grief: the transformative process of grieving

In this fascinating, insightful and timely conversation, we speak with Sairey Luterman, Certified Thanatologist and Grief Counselor, about the transformative process of grieving. Sairey sits in the mystery of uncertainty with her clients and helps them navigate their way through the “not knowing” to answer the questions they need answers to.

Sairey Luterman photo“The modern world is not friendly to those who have suffered loss. We are told that we make others uncomfortable in our sadness, that there is a timeline we must follow, that there are right and wrong ways to remember our loved ones.”
Sairey Luterman is a Certified Thanatologist and Grief Counselor with over ten years experience in supporting people while they grieve. She believes that grieving is a way of praising what we’ve lost. It is a wholly natural process that can be a rigorous and exhausting one, but also transformative. Through her private practice in Lexington, MA she supports individuals, schools, companies and communities who have suffered a loss or are navigating end of life issues. She can be reached through her website lutermangriefsupport.com

Descriptive Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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