Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 32
Wise Women Speak

Episode 32: From Striving To Thriving, saying yes to yourself

In this episode Katie McDonald, self care strategist, founder and CEO of bnourished, shares with us why self care as selfishness is a myth! After years of striving for perfection Katie became depleted and sick from overwork and “not-enoughness.” She had to learn the the hard way that making self care a priority is actually a priceless return on investment in leading the life you were meant to lead.

Katie transformed her own life from one of striving into thriving using her knowledge of self-care, alternative health and nutrition. Today she shares that knowledge with individual clients, corporations and groups through her speaking engagements.

When you become an advocate for your own well being and connect with the wisdom within as guide, you are best able to know and care for yourself, be uniquely and unapologetically you, and be better able to serve and give to others.

Wise Women Speak Episode 32 with Katie MacDonaldFounder and CEO of bnourished, Katie McDonald had to learn the hard way. Depleted and sick from chronic overwork and the disease of busy-ness, she had to apply her knowledge of self-care, alternative health and nutrition to transform her own life. She is no longer shackled by illness and now has a thriving concierge coaching practice devoted to wellness practices and countless speaking engagements for organizations such as Eileen Fisher, Swarovski, and Brown University. As a Self Care Strategist, Katie now devotes herself to coaching others to make thoughtful, deliberate choices that empower them to become the people they want and deserve to be.

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