Episode 37: No Doubts, No Thinking, Just Do It!

Wise Women Speak Podcast Conversation with Maria Iliffe Wood

Wise Women Speak to Maria Iliffe-Wood, executive leadership coach, author, and speaker about how powerful the ordinary-ness of wisdom is as the source of all our answers. “Trust what’s happening and follow your instincts. No doubts, no thinking, just do it!” You have a powerful invisible coach within that when listened to reveals all manner of fresh new ideas and directions to pursue.

When Is a problem not a problem?

Linda Pritcher Blog Post - Photo of eyeglasses and chart

So when is a big problem not a problem? Have you ever noticed how sometimes everything looks like a problem and sometimes little to nothing does? Some mornings I get on the highway in rush …

Stop Trying. Start Creating.

Desk photo creative workspace

Be honest. Are you trying more than you’re creating? And do you need to know the end of something before you begin? Let’s see… Maybe you’re fine with going to a movie and sitting through …

Episode 36: Communication and Change in the Era of Social Media

Wise Women Speak with Luann Edwards, social media marketing expert, travel adventurer and life long learner about the importance of being authentic in a very busy social media universe. Luann shares with us her path to entrepreneurship and how social media can change the way you communicate with the larger world.

Episode 35: When Wisdom Speaks, Listen!

Wise Women Speak Podcast

In this encore episode Christine Higgins, a certified IHEART facilitator, teacher, and consultant helping people realize the power and intelligent design of the mind, shares with us how innate wisdom speaks to you at any age and the difference listening to it can make.

Episode 34: The AHA! Moment. Open Your Aperture and A New World Floods In.

Wise Women Speak Podcast episode 34

In this short episode Linda shares her AHA! moment in her post “Discovering Salvador Dali.” When you open your aperture to let in more light it’s possible to see something completely new, as Linda did, and have an entirely different experience of something you were certain you didn’t like.

It’s in the AHA! moment that you can see that things are not always what you thought them to be. And what’s the value of that? Fresh insight and new possibilities are always on offer whatever the circumstances. It’s a whole new experience of your life. And that’s refreshing, hopeful and freeing!

Episode 32: From Striving To Thriving, Saying Yes To Yourself.

Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 32

In this episode Katie McDonald, self care strategist, CEO and founder of bnourished, shares with us why self care as selfishness is a myth! After years of striving for perfection she became depleted and sick from “not-enoughness.” She had to learn the the hard way that making self care a priority is actually a priceless return on investment in leading the life you were meant to lead.

She transformed her own life from one of striving into thriving using her knowledge of self-care, alternative health and nutrition. Today she shares that knowledge with individual clients, corporations and groups through her speaking engagements.

When you become an advocate for your own well being and connect with the wisdom within as guide, you are best able to know and care for yourself, be uniquely and unapologetically you, and be better able to serve and give to others.