Episode 31: How to Play the Game of Life!

Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 31 How to Play the Game of Life

Win or lose, no matter the outcome success is inevitable when you stay in the game, stay focused, stay playing.
In this short episode Lana shares her post It’s Not Over Till It’s Over, The Power of Focus, and she and Linda explore where outcomes are really created, in the present moment and without all the struggle if you just “do your job” as you were designed to!

Episode 29: Thrive to Ninety-five!

Wise Women Speak Elizabeth Phinney Interview

Elizabeth Phinney, Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Fitness After Forty Five speaks with us. Her mission is to inspire people to take control of their own aging through diet and exercise so that they can “thrive to ninety five,” experiencing quality of life well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Elizabeth speaks very directly about her own inspiration to be fit and thrive after experiencing the loss of her son. That loss was a turning point and catalyst that lead her on a journey to explore the mind body connection more deeply and empowered her to help others lead full and rewarding lives. She is a firm believer that when you give to your body, your body gives to you. She created BodSpir® a meditative strength training technique, speaks regularly at events on the topics of healthy aging, and is currently at work on a book due out in 2019.

Episode 27: Are You Addicted To Predictability?

Wise Women Speak Episode 27 Photo

Are you losing the magic, mystery and fresh unexpected possibilities of life by living in a world of prediction and expectation, trying to control the uncontrollable? Expecting you can predict all outcomes based on your previous experience?

In this episode Linda shares her post Hawk In My Hood and she and Lana explore what might be available to you if you don’t assume that today, and what you already know, is a predictor of anything else.

If you see that clearly for yourself, you are open to wonder, curiosity, creativity and life’s fresh experiences, and possibilities beyond those you’ve ever thought.

Episode 26: Giving voice to the spirits of those who’ve passed

Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 26

Andrea Kukulka speaks with us about her metaphysical journey becoming a healing medium, beginning with her childhood dreams vividly coming true. At each step on that journey she gained the clarity she needed to find her voice in healing and in mediumship.

Today she’s found that voice healing clients through Reiki and sharing the messages that those who have gone before have for us. Andrea gives voice to those who’ve passed on and continue to be engaged in the lives of the living. She shares the wisdom in their messages.

Episode 25: The Wisdom in Forgiveness

Wise Women Speak Podcast Wisdom in Forgiveness

Listen in as Lana shares a story of Forgiveness and what we are capable of seeing at any age, even a tender one, when we’re coming from love. Linda and she discuss how waking up to wisdom and truth is possible at any moment for anyone even when strife and sadness have been present.

Episode 24: Following Your “Knowing”

Wise Women Speak With Barbara Callaghan

Linda and Lana speak with Barbara Lea Callaghan, minister at Hancock United Church of Christ, about how a very early knowing inspired her to overcome the many obstacles of self doubt and disconnection she encountered along the way to realizing her calling as a minister. That knowing gave her the clarity of purpose to create and foster the community of depth and love that she leads today.

She shares with us the importance of listening to your inner wisdom, learning to move beyond fear, living into courage and being fully awake to life.

Episode 23: Succeeding Where Others Fear to Tread

Wise Women Speak Podcast Episode 23

Linda and Lana speak with Poonam Ahluwalia, social entrepreneur, founder and President of YES, Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, Inc. Poonam shares with us how the seed of social justice was planted in her heart early on and how her driving passion to create a world of opportunity, particularly for global youth, is being realized.

She’s a perfect example of how ignoring fears and and doubts, embracing not knowing and taking action in the service of something greater than yourself leads to making a difference in the world.

Episode 22: Introvert or Extrovert. Be an Authentic Digital World Connector.

Susan Finn Podcast Conversation

Can introverts live authentically as extroverts in a busy digital world? Linda and Lana speak with super connector Susan Baron Finn, about speaking out in the world authentically and from the heart. Susan shares with us the digital how-to of giving form to your authentic expression and doing that through digital connection and collaboration.
As an introvert you really can speak from your heart, from your desk and share with the world!