Episode 21: There’s Really No Procrastination!

Could procrastination be nothing more than making meaning about the coming and going of cars in your rearview mirror?

Linda and Lana discuss her post “There’s’ Really No Procrastination Ever” about how the light touch of curiousity and wonder may be the key to getting “unstuck.” And how that simple insight about an ordinary occurence could lead to a new understanding that there’s really no procrastination afterall!

Episode 20: Living from Inspiration


Linda and Lana speak with Sue Cross about giving yourself permission to pay attention to what lights you up and what you love, and letting that love lead you. Wisdom will inspire you in its gift of the power of the present moment realized, and that in “not knowing” is found the juiciest part of living.

Sue shares with us how that “paying attention” has lead her to become inspired by working with elders and clients with Alzheimer’s, creatively engaging them in life and achieving remarkable results.

Episode 19: Train of Thought: When a Problem Isn’t a Problem!

How could a speeding train through your backyard not be a problem? Listen in as Lana shares her post “When the Train’s a Comin'” and Linda and she discuss how absolute certainty about a situation can give way to understanding you have freedom of mind whatever the circumstances. You can see that even a train rushing through your backyard is only a train of thought experienced by you and can be background noise in living life.

The Wisdom in the Invisible World

Linda and Lana speak with Kailia Star about the wisdom, information and intelligence we all have access to that we’ve forgotten. Listen in as Kailia shares the way she wakes people up to the power of their own inner nature, guided by her understanding of the ancient knowledge available in the Invisible World, the world beyond our conscious awareness.

Knowing What to Do When Circumstances Don’t Change

When have you been stopped in your tracks by an undeniable metaphor of truth you can’t deny? And what could you learn about that metaphor that has the potential to free you from the circumstances that appear to be trapping you, holding you in place?

Linda and Lana discuss insight as the door to recognizing your innate resilience, and a passageway full of fresh thinking that can guide you to freedom, even when circumstances remain the same.

The Powerful “Invisible Coach” Within

Linda and Lana speak with Maria Iliffe-Wood, executive and leadership coach, as she shares her experience with the powerful “Invisible Coach” within us. It’s the wisdom within, that when listened to, reveals all manner of fresh inspiration, new ideas and exciting directions to pursue.

Taking The Big Leap!

Linda and Lana speak with Luann Edwards, social media marketing expert, as she shares her path to entrepreneurship and how social media can change the way you communicate.

Are You Scaring Yourself With Your Thinking?

Are you scaring yourself with your thinking as Linda did when Lana read her “The Illusion?”
Linda and Lana discuss the illusion of circumstances creating your experience and the practical implications of seeing through the illusion offered by the glass bottomed bridge.