Creators Workshop Series
Spring 2021 Online Program

Circle of Creators

Summer 2021 Online Program

Do you want to step more brilliantly ahead in what you create in the world? - an idea to breathe life into, a project to advance, a business to create or expand?

Would you like sustained creative focus, flow and results?

Would you like to work from inspired action, more often?

Are you hesitating with the “how to” or first step?

Are you stuck at a plateau, even a high one?

Would you benefit from the feedback and support of an experienced mentor within an engaged group of fellow creators?

A Unique Creative Mentoring Program to get stuff done!

Here's your invitation to Circle of Creators, a unique mentoring program to get and stay inspired, engaged, and in action.

You’ll get moving to create what you want in your life. - a project, an idea, a business, a transition to the new. All with unexpected focus, flow and ease.

Mentored in the circle you will get the know how - into the flow of knowing what to do and how to go about doing it. You’ll get supportive accountability to be drawn with ease, not driven by pressure.

You’ll get stuff done!

Step More Brilliantly Ahead

June 12, 2021 -
July 17th, 2021

The Circle of Creators six week program will get you moving and support your staying on course, engaged and productive in whatever project or endeavor you’re focusing on.

You’ll see your project and what's possible with fresh eyes. You’ll know the next steps to take. You’ll gain a natural positive forward momentum.

If you’re having a challenge it can bring clarity and shake loose what’s getting in your way.

You’ll be inspired and supported by high level coaching. Plus you’ll engage with a wise band of creators on a journey to make a difference in their lives and the world!

You can look forward to:

  • Stepping out of resistance and into flow
  • Breathing life into your ideas
  • Advancing your projects to completion
  • Expanding and enhancing your business in unexpected new ways
  • Transitioning to your next phase with clarity and confidence
  • Connecting with other brilliant creators in a supportive community

What you’ll get:

  • Your creativity animated by fresh ideas and prospects
  • Clarity, confidence and know how to fuel your project for success
  • Engagement in a circle of highly motivated creators to inspire your action
  • Accountability to stay focused on your desired outcome
  • The mentoring expertise of a coach and consultant with over thirty years experience in design and product development

Here’s how Circle of Creators works.

Before the program begins. We’ll have a half hour one-to-one conference call about what you want to achieve. You’ll get feedback from me and set your intention for the program.

During the six week program:

The Circle will meet weekly on Saturday mornings via Zoom conference for 90 minutes. Each session has a planned focus with real-time responsiveness to group needs - Each creator leverages the creative flow of the session.

Creators have the opportunity to be coached by me during a session. It’s remarkable how one person’s challenges will resonate across the group.

Creators receive a steady flow of digital materials and resources to support their progress and stay accountable to their desired outcome.

Creators have direct access to me between sessions via email, just like my personal coaching clients.

Each Session will be recorded in case you need to miss one.

As a member of the Circle of Creators you’ll establish a powerful environment for yourself that cultivates new ideas, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and fresh momentum.

You’ll get the inspiration, support and momentum you need to go beyond your current limits.

Does this sound like just what you need? Then please join me and an inspired group of creators! There are limited spots available.


Linda PritcherFirst and foremost Linda is a creator of things - of products, businesses and big ideas. She’s designed everything from billboards to high end shoes. She’s a figure-outer and re-inventor. She likes exploring the space between the known and the unknown. She knows the juice is really in what’s unknown.

From artist origins she became a designer, product creator and business builder for others and flexed her left brain working in the quixotic, frenetic and competitive fashion industry, taking on challenges, creating successful new product lines and new channels of distribution. As an entrepreneur she founded two design based businesses, living in the trenches as problem solver in chief.

She’s people and pattern intuitive, highly useful when people need her help to cut through their conditioned thinking about what’s possible. Her understanding of the powerful connection between insight, clarity, creativity and innovation helps clients exponentially impact their personal and business growth.

When she’s not working with entrepreneurs and businesses she’s podcasting, writing, recording and teaching design classes. When all that gets to be too much she’ll settle down in front of a juicy classic “Film Noir”.

Learn more about Linda...

I Want to join Circle of Creators!

New session beginning online, Saturdays, June 12th to July 17th, 2021.

Six group sessions, support between sessions, inspired community of creators

One Time Payment - $337
3 Monthly Payments - $125


What Creators Have Said

“I came into Linda’s Creators’ Workshop and Circle of Creators programs with some uncomfortable ideas about ‘who’ I am that were weighing down my creative energy.

Linda weaved us into a trusted community of creative explorers. She challenged us to delve deeply into our thinking about many issues ranging from uncertainty and insecurity to imagination and freedom. All this culminated in a clear path to maximize my creative process and undertaking.

I have emerged from this experience with a more defined creative focus. I am grateful to Linda for positively impacting my life as I continue to move forward as a content creator.”DONNA CHRISTY, CONTENT CREATOR, ENTREPRENEUR, RI, USA

“I have been struggling for years to let my voice be heard, and working with Linda has enabled me to finally do that. I am definitely more confident about my own creative abilities.

In The Circle of Creators program and one-on-one, I have noticed how she lets everyone feel heard. She consciously and gently makes sure to give each person space and guides them along in figuring things out for themselves. It’s an amazing gift that she has.”

join Circle of Creators!

New Session beginning online, Saturdays, June 12th to July 17th, 2021.

Six group sessions, support between sessions, inspired community of creators.

One Time Payment - $337
3 Monthly Payments - $125