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Circle of Creators

Step more brilliantly ahead in what you create in the world! - an idea to breathe life into, a project to advance, a business to create or expand.

Would you like sustained creative focus, flow and results?

Are you stalled and hesitating with the “how to” or first step?

Are you stuck at a plateau, even a high one?

Do you want to get beyond your current limits?

Would you benefit from the feedback and support of an experienced mentor within an engaged group of fellow creators?

If any of these sound true, I have an invitation for you!

A Unique Creative Mentoring Program to get stuff done!

Here's your invitation to Circle of Creators, a unique mentoring program, created and facilitated by a highly experienced mentor, and designed for you to feel inspired and stay inspired - engaged, and in action on your project.

Within the Circle program you’ll get moving to create what you want in your life. - a project, an idea, a business, a transition to the new. All with unexpected focus, flow and ease.

Mentored in the Circle you will get the know how - into the flow of knowing what to do and how to go about doing it.

You’ll get supportive accountability to be drawn with ease, not driven by pressure. 

You’ll get stuff done.... and feel so much more ease doing it!

Step More Brilliantly Ahead this Spring!

May 24th - June 28th, 2024

The Circle of Creators program will get you moving and support your staying on course, engaged and productive in whatever project or endeavor you’re focusing on.

You’ll see your project and what's possible with fresh eyes. You’ll know the next steps to take. You’ll gain a natural positive forward momentum.

If you’re having a challenge it can bring clarity and shake loose what’s getting in your way.

You’ll be inspired and supported by high level coaching. Plus you’ll engage with a wise band of creators on a journey to make a difference in their lives and the world!

You can look forward to:

  • Stepping out of resistance and into flow
  • Clarity, confidence and know how to fuel your project for success
  • Accountability to stay focused on your desired outcome
  • Engagement in a circle of highly motivated creators to inspire your action
  • The mentoring expertise of a coach and consultant with over thirty years experience in design and product development

What you’ll get:

  • A 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with me before the program begins to focus your intention on your project or goals
  • A weekly momentum-creating lesson to inspire and challenge you
  • An online in-person Creator's group session at the end of each week to provide connection, support and coaching
  • Built-in accountability to stay focused on your desired outcome
  • Direct access to me between sessions via email, just like my personal coaching clients

Here’s how Circle of Creators works.

Before the program begins, we’ll have a half hour one-to-one coaching call about what you want to achieve. You’ll get feedback from me and set your intention for the program.

During the six week program:

The Circle meets weekly  via Zoom conference. Each session has a planned focus with real-time responsiveness to group needs - Each creator leverages the creative flow of the session.

You have the opportunity to be coached by me during a session. It’s remarkable how one person’s challenges will resonate across the group.

You receive a weekly momentum-creating lesson, plus digital materials and resources to support your progress and stay accountable to your desired outcome.

You have direct access to me between sessions via email, just like my personal coaching clients.

As a member of the Circle of Creators you’ll establish a powerful environment for yourself that cultivates new ideas, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and fresh momentum.

You’ll get the inspiration, support and momentum you need to go beyond your current limits.

Does this sound like just what you need? Then please join me and an inspired group of creators! There are limited spots available.

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Linda PritcherFirst and foremost I'm a creator of things - of products, businesses and big ideas. I've designed everything from billboards to high end shoes. I'm a figure-outer and re-inventor and like exploring the space between the known and the unknown. I know the juice is really in what’s unknown and it doesn't scare me anymore!

From artist origins I became a designer, product creator and business builder for others. I flexed my left brain working in the quixotic, frenetic and competitive fashion industry, taking on challenges, creating successful new product lines and new channels of distribution. As an entrepreneur I founded two design based businesses, living in the trenches as problem solver in chief.

I'm people and pattern intuitive, highly useful when my clients need help cutting through their conditioned thinking about what’s possible. A deep understanding of the powerful connection between insight, clarity, creativity and innovation motivates me to help clients realize their own genius. That combined with my creative industry experience, helps them exponentially impact their personal and business growth.

When I'm not working with entrepreneurs and businesses I'm writing, recording and teaching design classes at Rhode Island School of Design. When all that gets to be too much I'll settle down in front of a juicy classic film noir.

Would you like to learn more about how to work with me one-on-one to advance your project or business?

You'll get the mentoring expertise of a coach and consultant with over thirty years experience in design and product development. 

Visit my Entrepreneur Consulting page to learn more.

Listen in to an interview where I talk about creativity and listening in to your own deep voice.

I Want to join Circle of Creators!

The Circle of Creators is a small, select group program where you'll connect with me and your fellow creators. 

You could be among an inspired community of creators, going beyond your current limits and getting amazing stuff done beginning May 24th!

Scroll up to learn what creators have said about past circles!

Have questions?  Send me a note! or book a Discovery Conversation

Circle of Creators pay in full: $447
Payment option: $149 x 3 months


What Creators Have Said

"I recently completed Linda Pritcher‘s Circle of Creators and I have a message for others who are on the creative journey: you don’t have to do it alone! I am a creativity coach and I loved having the opportunity to be coached by Linda, and to walk my talk! Linda is an expert facilitator of this creative incubator experience. Her gentle yet consistent and encouraging support made the process not only fun but flowing. It felt so good to be able to share, to be seen and heard, and to be encouraged to keep going! Linda’s special sauce is that she meets each creator where they are, and then invites them into a deeper conversation around what they are thinking and seeing about their own creative process, what helps the flow and what gets in the way. Linda offered each of us an invitation to step into new ways of looking, seeing, and experiencing the creative unfolding. I could go on and on in my raves about this experience, but I will end with this: It helps to be guided, inspired, invited and encouraged to keep on creating, even/especially when the going gets tough. I highly recommend that you stop thinking about it and just jump into one of Linda’s Circles." Sue Cross - Creativity Coach - Artist, Writer, Mentor, Boston, MA USA
"Circle of Creators was just what I needed to jumpstart and support me in choosing a creative project and taking the action steps toward bringing it into form. I am walking away with more confidence and a new sense of creative freedom and expansiveness. I feel like a different person from the person I was when I started the group. I have been able to access a flow and momentum I haven’t felt for a very long time. I have a clear vision for what I want for my writing project and feel confident in my ability to take next steps to eventually bring it to completion. Linda created a beautiful container for us to explore who we are as creators, both individually and as a group." Gayle Nobel - Author - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
"I highly recommend the Circle of Creators program to anyone who wants to have clarity, focus, and build momentum in creating a project close to their heart. Linda is an absolute genius, especially in the way she can help you cut through any confusion you may have about where you are and what you need to see to move forward. An additional bonus was the amount of support people in the group gave to each other. It provided a fertile, nourishing, and safe creative ground for persevering with the project whilst navigating through life’s challenges along the way. If you are ready to honour your project and are tired of your own excuses, this is an extremely valuable and in-depth course that will propel you to act in an insightful, gentle, and yet decisive way." Naila Darr - Coach - London, UK
"I had heard about the wonders of Linda Circle of Creators program through a good friend, who told me about the creative surge she was experiencing. Linda has an uncanny ability to draw people out, even when one is hesitant or slightly uncomfortable discussing their creative dreams. The group was spectacular, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to push themselves to be more dedicated, more bold, less fearful and tentative. The environment is incredibly positive, supportive, and might I add, fun! I was able to experience far more clarity about my creative future with kind direction and enthusiasm from Linda, in addition to the other members of the group. Just pure creative and emotional support that sustained us all week-to-week. I now have a firm grasp on what I need to do to progress with my creative ideas and goals. What a gift!" Elizabeth Frances Martin PhD - Writer, Art Historian, Maine, USA
"I learned about Linda’s Circle of Creators through a friend who had done the program and encouraged me to enroll. Having completed it, I definitely feel more aware, focused and supported. More aware in being able to recognize and understand what’s motivating me in the moment. More focused, having realized that the “system” I had adopted no longer serves me and replacing it with one that helps me achieve my goals. Lastly, I feel more supported having met incredible women who are now friends and collaborators. Even if you’re a highly productive and deadline-oriented person, the program and meeting weekly will push you further towards productive accountability. The audio lessons Linda shares are a great resource. To borrow one of Linda’s words – you will feel more buoyant having gone through the program." Vanessa K - Screenwriter, Director, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"The first time I "met" Linda was through a class she taught online. As soon as I read her introduction and welcome to the class, I knew there was something different and special about her, and I was very curious to know more. I could feel and hear a calm, confident, and uplifting voice just by reading her words. Out of that class came her invitation for me to join her next Circle of Creators, and I enthusiastically agreed to take part. I'm so glad I did because I met and got to know several incredibly talented and interesting ladies, of whom Linda was one. I also found a renewed confidence and intention within myself that is carrying me forward. Linda's warm, nurturing, positive encouragement to be our best creators, whatever it is we are trying to do, took us all in new directions. Linda was never at a loss for what to say to each and every one of us at any given moment. She knows just how to connect and cross people, ideas, emotions, feelings, and stories and to move people forward to action with encouragement and genuine care. You will not regret being in one of her Circles! She is the epitome of "gifted and talented" and is therefore the perfect coach to help you expand your own gifts and talents." Kimberly Patten - artist and entrepreneur, Princeton, NJ, USA
"Linda Pritcher’s coaching approach is grounded and clear. Her style and assignments in the Circle of Creators program emphasize personal responsibility. She does not tell you what to do, but shows a path that sets you on your own road, something you maintain and grow. Linda's vision is magic, and she is the alchemist. I have chosen to be a part the program twice. The first time cleared a much needed foundation for my trajectory. Coming back a second time I have discovered further abundance through my Circle connections, and that has perpetuated a deeper meaning and renewal for me. At this new phase of my creative journey, Linda and the members provided further clarity, perspective, and oomph to my next steps. The Circle of Creators program is transformative - support is immense, the environment safe, and judgment is not part of the process. You gain valuable relationships that support you after the program ends. And I know that when I get to the next bump in my road, I will be back again or seek out one-on-one coaching with Linda."  Patricia Jones - ENTREPRENEUR, ARTIST, DESIGNER, WRITER/STORY BUILDER, KS, USA
"Linda is a truly lovely human being, coach, and mentor. Sharing the Circle of Creators space with a group of other creative women, with Linda as the lead, was both humbling and inspiring. I came to the program focused on the end result, and left feeling inspired to trace back to the origin of what I feel intuitively drawn to create. This realization freed my spirit up to get excited about my work again which I am so grateful for. I’ve been able to shift my perspective to one that is much brighter, lighter and joyful, which ultimately impacts the work that I create in a positive way. Linda is very generous in always willing to offer her guidance. If you have the chance, I would absolutely recommend joining one of Linda’s Circle of Creators groups."  Aprile Hodgkins - ENTREPRENEUR, Designer, RI, USA
"I was fortunate to be a recent participant in Linda’s Circle of Creators program where her talents and contributions were fully showcased. Somehow, she was able to corral six creators from varied industries while deftly nudging and supporting each of us individually. She would have made an excellent Kindergarten teacher! Within the Circle, we discovered a shared, universal emotional response to our work. With Linda at the lead, we bonded very quickly and the support and cheerleading from the other Creatives were powerful. After six weeks, we were all so energized and excited about our progress and work that Linda offered an impromptu series extension: unanimous attendance! The Circle was well-organized and structured while still allowing room for spontaneous conversation and topics. She prompted us throughout the week with encouragement and offered mid-week lectures and reading material to support the current topic. There was a generous amount of information and guidance given, at a price that felt very accessible.     Elizabeth Anderson - Designer, Curious Creative, Owner of Considered-Shop, Carpinteria, CA, USA
Thank you, Linda, for providing such a fascinating and successful Circle of Creators program. Your talent for designing these sessions and masterful strategies for engaging our group made a huge difference in my life. One of the fascinating elements that struck me during the course was the concept of “driven vs. drawn”. I had never thought of one’s pursuits in that way and it has changed the way I view decision making, creating opportunities and responding to clients. Your resourcefulness and innovation in planning the sessions drew me to rethink my old views and old systems, and consequently I always looked forward to participating in the next session. When I began the course, I felt overwhelmed by the business climate and my own personal and business circumstances. By attending the weekly sessions, engaging with the other participants, listening and reading the suggested material, and doing the “work”, the course allowed me to re-emerge as a much more confident and productive member of my business community. Thank you again for your facilitation skills and attention to each of us in the group. We all learned a tremendous amount and are changed for the better. Janet Cone - Founder, Compass View Events, LLC, RI, USA
Working with Linda has been life changing. I came to know her work originally through a course she taught at Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education. Through the Circle of Creators, which Linda invited me to join once I had completed and evolved through the RISD course, I was able to take things a profound step forward and have this new way of being in the world actually affect the substance and output of my life. Through what she taught us, the support, and the community created, my life has shifted significantly. I can now recognize when I am in creative flow and when I am forcing things. When I am being drawn towards opportunity, growth and creativity versus when I am in the rat-race mentality feeling desperate. I realize the latter leads to burnout and feelings of competition while the former feels peaceful, collaborative and REAL. I went into the program not knowing where I wanted to head or focus on, and now I am seriously on a fulfilling creative path. Elise Silver - Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Cambridge, MA, USA
A circle, by definition, has no beginning and no end. Each point on the circle is equidistant to the center. Linda served as the center point during our engaging and supportive time spent together to share our creative genius and forge pathways where the road may have appeared blocked. She deftly guided the circle using her wealth of experience as a creator - artist, designer, businesswoman, and coach. As we moved towards problem solving and understanding, Linda moved away from the center allowing us to create a unique bond with each other and secure our understanding of some of the key principles she shared with us. I highly recommend participating in one of Linda’s Circle of Creators programs. Heidi O'Donnell Eastman - Artist, Writer, Owner of Belle Maison Westport, Westport Point, MA, USA
“I came into Linda’s Creators’ Workshop and Circle of Creators programs with some uncomfortable ideas about ‘who’ I am that were weighing down my creative energy. Linda weaved us into a trusted community of creative explorers. She challenged us to delve deeply into our thinking about many issues ranging from uncertainty and insecurity to imagination and freedom. All this culminated in a clear path to maximize my creative process and undertaking. I have emerged from this experience with a more defined creative focus. I am grateful to Linda for positively impacting my life as I continue to move forward as a content creator."DONNA CHRISTY, CONTENT CREATOR, ENTREPRENEUR, RI, USA
“I have been struggling for years to let my voice be heard, and working with Linda has enabled me to finally do that. I am definitely more confident about my own creative abilities. In The Circle of Creators program and one-on-one, I have noticed how she lets everyone feel heard. Linda consciously and gently makes sure to give each person space and guides them along in figuring things out for themselves. It’s an amazing gift that she has.” MICHELLE MONTI, MEDIA CONSULTANT, WRITER AND MUSICIAN, MA, USA

join Circle of Creators!

The Circle of Creators is a small, select group program where you'll connect with me and your fellow creators. 

You could be among an inspired community of creators going beyond your current limits and getting amazing stuff done beginning May 24th!

Scroll up to learn what creators have said about past circles.

Have questions? Send me a note! or book a Discovery Conversation

Circle of Creators pay in full: $447
Payment option: $149 x 3 months

Would you like to learn how to work with me one-on-one to advance your project or business? Visit my Entrepreneur Consulting page.