It's all about relationships...

It all started under a well-appointed banquet table at the annual gathering of the Societe des Sciences, that exclusive group that met annually in Paris at a large yet intimate gathering borne of lifelong mutual interest and collaboration.

Lucy, age 9, was chasing a meatball, which had slipped from her plate of boules de picolat. It made a brief descent to her napkin before it rolled to the floor and arrived at the crossed legs of a girl, sitting Buddha-like, book in hand, under the table.

Lucy was startled to discover a girl who appeared to be about her age, and dazzled by the exquisite Chantilly lace scarf folded gently around this Buddha girl’s neck. Even at her young age Lucy had developed a remarkable knowledge of textiles and this scarf held her complete attention. Having lived the nomadic life of a paleontologist’s daughter in far flung and exotic places, fabrics were often her playthings, their history and origin her muse. She made costumes to clothe all the intriguing characters she created to fill her still small life with big dreams.

“I’m Grace” said the quiet girl, closing her book to meet Lucy’s stare. “It was my grandmother’s,” and after a long pause, “Books are so much more interesting than banquets, don’t you think?”

And that is our moment of meeting, the one that Linda created for us, that moment of connection that can last a lifetime. Oh yes, Linda? She’s Linda Pritcher, our chief creator and collaborator. She said she felt she'd always known us, maybe the sisters she wanted since hers were always just out of reach, or the best friends she created during an uprooted childhood. She said she had planned our adventure for a very long time.

And how did we get from then until this moment? Well, that’s another story. For now, we’re off on our adventure, loving every minute of the discovery, traveling, exploring and creating beautiful things with purpose and panache to share with you. We’re rewriting fashion on our own terms. Friends, for certain, from that first moment.

Here are some of our custom made travel creations. Now we’re off to cook up something entirely new!

Where might we go and what might we might create in the future? Stay tuned!

Would you like to learn more about our chief catalyst and creative partner? Please visit Linda Pritcher at