As a transformative coach I guide my clients to understand the nature of their human experience, transform their inner horizon and take the inspired action steps to create success from the inside out, living fully in their brilliance.

They make the commitment to see the world with new eyes, shift their playing field and experience life at more profound levels. They dream bigger and bolder and create things in the world.

They inspire me.

I’m deeply appreciative of their trust, their desire to make a difference in the world, and for the journey we share.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”Voltaire

“Working with Linda has been a revelation. She opened my eyes to the thrilling fact that I am capable of creating the life I want. Wow! She is unbelievably generous with her time and the depth of her wisdom is amazing.

Thanks to her I’m well on the way to realizing my goal of living successfully as an artist and author. It’s an exciting journey but not always easy or smooth and when I’ve been lost in doubts and fears, she’s been there like a compass pointing me back on course.

Linda has guided me to see the power of insight, resilience and my own creativity and it’s changed the course of my life.”
B. Lucy Stevens - Artist and Author, Key West, FL, USA

“Our request of Linda was quite unique – to provide one-on-one coaching to both myself and my business partner, Jillian. We felt that it would deepen our partnership beyond what we’d achieve otherwise and enable us to avoid some of the pitfalls partners experience in a new venture.

Linda’s care, thoughtfulness and rigor stand out as distinguishing characteristics of her coaching. Care – investing patiently and persistently at the outset of the engagement to ensure that we began with great clarity about our desired outcomes. Thoughtfulness – shaping the experience to include not only the sessions themselves but gentle check-ins in between and offers of resources to supplement discovery as it unfolded. Rigor – staying ever faithful to the power of simple, insightful questions, the wisdom emerging in the silent moments, and the intriguing clues embedded within the narratives we maintain of ourselves and about others.

Today, on the other side of Linda’s coaching, Jillian and I stand together firmly as business partners with deeper compassion for one another, stronger conviction in what we will achieve together, and sharper skills to navigate the highs and lows along the entrepreneurial path we follow!

Dan Doucette - Entrepreneur, Culture Designer, Workplace Healer, New York, NY, USA

“I have been struggling for years to let my voice be heard, and working with Linda has enabled me to finally do that.

Linda has an amazing ability to “witness.” She is a master at reframing how I describe my experiences, especially when I reflexively describe them in a negative way.  She helps me step back and see things more objectively. Since working with Linda, I’ve been able to feel what it’s like to live with less struggle.”

I am definitely more confident about my own creative abilities. While working with Linda, I was finally able to let go of labels and the “shoulds” that have held me back from letting my own creative lights shine.

In both small groups and one-on-one, I have noticed how she lets everyone feel heard, and she consciously and gently makes sure to give each person space and guides them along in figuring things out for themselves. It’s an amazing gift that she has. I highly recommend working with Linda.”

Michelle Monti - Media Consultant, Writer and Musician, MA, USA

“I came into Linda’s Creators’ Workshop and Circle of Creators programs with some uncomfortable ideas about ‘who’ I am that were weighing down my creative energy. Over time my thinking morphed from ‘who’ to ‘what’ I am: creative energy. The concept of ‘thought’ as energy, as stories that I can choose to build upon – or even let go of – has been such a revelation to me.

Linda, along with the caring colleagues that entered this journey with me, weaved us into a trusted community of creative explorers. She challenged us to delve deeply into our thinking about many issues ranging from uncertainty and insecurity to imagination and freedom. All this culminated in a clearer path to maximize my creative process and creative undertaking.

I have emerged from this experience with a more defined creative focus, and with incoming barriers to my creativity significantly removed. I am grateful to Linda for positively impacting my life as I continue to move forward as a content creator.”

Donna Christy - Content Creator, Entrepreneur, RI, USA

“My work with Linda has been life changing in both subtle and very significant ways. I wanted to work with her to make some changes in my business, but I am thrilled to say that my life, not just my work, has been affected by our coaching.

Linda listened beautifully to me and got to know what I care about, how I want to make a difference in the world, and what lights me up. She was able to reflect back the wisdom and value that she heard in what I shared. In her eyes, I saw myself more clearly. I saw my value, and my possibility. This gave me the courage and the confidence to take new risks in my business. My thinking about issues that had always felt like a problem began to fall away. I now see possibility where I used to feel stuck.

It is quite a gift to find a person who can be in your corner, ready and available to help you see life in fresh, creative, and beautiful ways. I feel very grateful to Linda for pointing me in a direction that has helped me to live bigger, with less fear and overthinking, and to see more of what is possible.”
Sue Cross - Legacy Coach and Consultant, MA, USA

“Linda is a master in connecting. I quickly came closer to who I am – delighting in fresh thinking. Her presence, her humor, her ‘getting-me’ helped me to lighten up and get in touch with what is coming from inside of me: the uniqueness, the juice, the joy, the fun in sharing what I have to offer. Not only was the time together a delight…. She is a professional! I recommend her warmly.”
Regula Mader - Coach, Switzerland

“Linda and I connected when my business was simply a web site and a trademark application. Through our work together, she helped me to create a business out of a concept, navigating the bumps on that path – even those that I might have inadvertently put there myself. She was a collaborative partner on this journey. I didn’t receive a laundry list of must-dos; instead, she had ideas and resources and some gentle nudging just when I needed it. Linda helped me to think bigger than I was before, to picture a much more successful business and life than I had imagined. Without Linda, I’d still be questioning my ability to be a successful entrepreneur. Now, I’m on my way to building a business, and a life, that I love.

I’m so grateful that I met Linda when I did. She is an excellent coach whose insights and real-world experience will guide you along the best possible path for you. I hope that you enjoy working with her – and that you benefit – as much as I did.” Luann Edwards - Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert, and Founder of SOCIALLY PROFESSIONAL, RI, USA

“If you are looking to really commit to realizing your dreams, Linda Pritcher will hop in your chosen vessel and help you navigate towards your destination. It doesn’t stop there. Linda will point you in the direction of roads not taken opening up new routes to explore.

When we began our coaching relationship I realized that we spoke the same language. Linda would miraculously iterate ideas which had been mere fragments floating around in my head and help me bring them to fruition.

I appreciate Linda’s artistic background, including her experience in product development, retail and manufacturing. Our common language was invaluable in helping me reach my goals.”Heidi O'Donnell Eastman - Artist and Designer, Owner of Belle Maison, Westport Point, MA USA

“When we first began working together, I was unsure of the direction that my business was taking. Linda was able to help me clarify my goals and define the essence of my business. More importantly, I was able see beyond my limiting view of what it could become. In a short amount of time, my vision started to expand and I’ve begun to see remarkable results from the action steps I’ve taken with her guidance. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone wishing, not only to grow their business, but also to open themselves up to the boundless possibilities within.”D. Kent - Artist/Designer, MA, USA

“I treasure each conversation I have had with Linda. On many occasions, I have entered into a conversation filled with stress but have left feeling peaceful, grounded, and ready to get back to living and creating my life in the present. Linda exudes tranquility not only with her soothing voice, but in the way she sees and describes the possibilities in my circumstances, even when they have seemed challenging. It is like she is painting pictures with her words. She has been a joy to be coached by, as we’ve explored the nature of my thinking, the possibilities that exist for me and how to realize them.”Sarah Boucher - Writer/Blogger, KY, USA

“Working with Linda, I hoped to make the transition from the corporate world where I had been quite successful for 20 years in marketing. I had a big dream business that I wanted to start, but fear to take the big leap kept stopping me. After our first conversation I knew I had found someone who could help me stop, stopping and move ahead. Six months later, working together, we’re about to launch, and not only is that an exciting development but everything else in my life has improved, which was an unexpected bonus. I just don’t see obstacles the same way and my relationships are better. I’m living the profound shift in perspective we talked about often.”Leslie M. - Entrepreneur, Boston, MA, USA

“I felt an instant connection with Linda. The conversation was very relaxed and at the same time, extremely profound for me. Her metaphors were so useful and I had several insights during the conversation that have continued to reverberate within me ever since. I realized that I am exactly where I am meant to be in several areas and can see clearly how I have been swimming upstream against the flow of life, a bit of struggling and straining vs floating and gliding.

Linda asked questions that supported me in going deeper than I have ever gone in working with a coach.

Linda is very intuitive and coaches from the heart. I highly recommend her.”G. Nobel - Writer/Coach, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

“Linda has a welcoming way and radiates warmth and security. I immediately found myself in a sense of peace that really helped me to see the roads to get past some mental speed bumps. We shared similar backgrounds and interests of artistry and art which I experienced as an extra dimension of connection. Linda offered me the space and security to explore whatever is on my mind.”Nicklas Karlsson - Designer, Stockholm, Sweden

“Thanks for another lovely session! Linda paced me so beautifully and built such fun and easy rapport that what felt almost like just a good honest chat, turned out to have sewn many unseen seeds. I feel bubbling under the surface and look forward to seeing what new ideas emerge. Thank you Linda. I’ve really enjoyed our connection and your wonderful creative spirit.”K. Raimbault - Writer/Artist/Coach, Paris, France

“Linda was extremely insightful from the very first moment of our first session. I have always been attentive and conscientious in learning about my potential, purpose, and the reasons behind the decisions that I’ve made in life so far. Being a somewhat proactive and thoughtful individual, I felt I had a decent level of awareness and grasp on life itself. During our first session, I had an instantly impactful experience, which highlighted a completely new approach and outlook on life that I was missing. She was instrumental in engaging thoughtful perceptions and is like no other coach. Highly recommended, unique and powerful life changing sessions.”Jag Sahota - Recruitment Manager, RI, USA

“What a big luck that I found Linda as my coach. The problem we talked about turned into an opportunity because of our last coaching session. I could practice it since then and the solution she pointed me to is a lasting one.

I very much liked how Linda works. Her questions were very powerful. From my background of having knowledge about neuroscience, I know that her way of giving you the space to truly feel how it will be, when the problem is solved, has sustainable results. I recommend Linda to be your coach very much.”C. Kruse - Coach, Hamburg, Germany

“Linda’s insights go beyond what you’d expect from a career coach. She understood me, and she got straight to the heart of things. I sense a wealth of wisdom and experience behind her work. “You are experiencing life through your thinking in the moment.” — one of the insightful quotes from my coaching experience with Linda. She got to the core of things, addressing my questions and drawing insights I would not have had on my own. I very much benefited from her active and useful coaching.”R. DeAngelo - Instructional Design Consultant, RI, USA

“It was very easy to connect with Linda and I felt she was genuinely interested in me. I felt very comfortable and the conversation was a pure joy. Her presence, her questions and what she shared with me helped to settle me into my wisdom and into my heart. I had a couple of interesting insights during our very first session and then while driving back home a huge insight showed up. Something unexpected but quite liberating!”Karolina G. - Coach, Limassol, Cyprus

“Linda helped release me from 30 years of negative thinking. As a teenager, I experienced a trauma and despite my ability to function, build a career, become a parent, and maintain friendships, I continued to suffer with anxiety and low self-esteem throughout my life. After sharing my story with Linda, she was able to quickly zone in on some limiting beliefs that I was holding on to. Linda’s gentle, perceptive questions released me from those imprisoning thought patterns. I felt better in a surprisingly short amount of time. I am extremely grateful to Linda for her generous and thoughtful coaching and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new approach to thinking — and living!” Michelle M. - Survivor, RI, USA

“Linda was very easy to connect with and she immediately gained my confidence to be open and honest and to explore my issues knowing I was truly supported.

I was needing guidance and clarity as to where and how to expand my practise and to find the community where I would be most likely to increase my client ratio. Linda very quickly shone a light on a ready source of clients in an area where I had strong connections yet I was not exploring or offering my services. I gained clarity on my way forward.”L.B. Brown - Coach, United Kingdom