Work With Me

Work With Me

I see the truest and most powerful version of my clients, the one they can’t yet see.

Working with me, you experience clarity, expanded vision, high achievement and yet ease and peace in your life.

As my client you will take the big leap or the many small steps to create what you want in the world.

You get results.

“My work with Linda has been life changing in both subtle and very significant ways. I wanted to work with her to make some changes in my business, but I am thrilled to say that my life, not just my work, has been affected by our coaching.

Linda listened beautifully to me and got to know what I care about, how I want to make a difference in the world, and what lights me up. She was able to reflect back the wisdom and value that she heard in what I shared. In her eyes, I saw myself more clearly. I saw my value, and my possibility. This gave me the courage and the confidence to take new risks in my business. My thinking about issues that had always felt like a problem began to fall away. I now see possibility where I used to feel stuck.

It is quite a gift to find a person who can be in your corner, ready and available to help you see life in fresh, creative, and beautiful ways. I feel very grateful to Linda for pointing me in a direction that has helped me to live bigger, with less fear and overthinking, and to see more of what is possible.”Sue Cross - Legacy Coach and Consultant, Boston, MA, USA



Well illuminate the powerful Insight Principles, that shape your experience and serve your vision.

You’ll understand that the thought, feeling and mind processes create the human state of mind, the determining factor in how we feel and experience life.

You’ll experience a foundational shift that allows you to move forward making inspired choices from the simplest daily activities to the life altering ones.

You’ll discover that living from clarity with a higher performance level is a natural outcome of this understanding.


Your ability to thrive increases and the ease with which you move through the world becomes apparent.

Your recognition of your immense potential ignites action and your level of achievement soars.

Your breakthrough insights move your life forward in your chosen direction. You’re doing less and achieving more.

You’re more connected, creative and authentically yourself.

You’re more resilient and able to negotiate life’s inevitable challenges.


I have experienced this in my own life. At one time I felt static and stuck in my circumstances while knowing there were many things I wanted to create, experience and achieve. In spite of all I knew how to do and all I had achieved, I still couldn’t see what was possible from where I was looking.

What changed?

Powerful coaching and insight changed all that for me and powerful coaching and insight can change that for you.

I’m living my life with the purpose of making a difference in the world. I’m coaching amazing difference makers to dream big and realize those dreams while living from clarity in a deeply satisfying place.

“Linda and I connected when my business was simply a web site and a trademark application. Through our work together, she helped me to create a business out of a concept, navigating the bumps on that path – even those that I might have inadvertently put there myself. She was a collaborative partner on this journey. I didn’t receive a laundry list of must-dos; instead, she had ideas and resources and some gentle nudging just when I needed it. Linda helped me to think bigger than I was before, to picture a much more successful business and life than I had imagined. Without Linda, I’d still be questioning my ability to be a successful entrepreneur. Now, I’m on my way to building a business, and a life, that I love.

I’m so grateful that I met Linda when I did. She is an excellent coach whose insights and real-world experience will guide you along the best possible path for you. I hope that you enjoy working with her – and that you benefit – as much as I did.” Luann Edwards - Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert,

So what is possible for you? What do you want to create in your life? And how do we get there? Through insightful conversation and an impactful program of support. I offer you a complimentary conversation which is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit.

This is not a sales conversation. I’m not offering cookie cutter coaching.

My coaching is paradigm shifting and if it’s right for you, you’ll know it after our first conversation. If we are a good fit, we’ll create a coaching arrangement tailor made for you, through one-to-one coaching, half day or full day intensives.

Would you like help in your business? Please see my Consulting page.

Let’s have that first conversation.